Upcoming activities

International Infusion Night

Every Wednesday we have an International Infusion Night at O'caseys! Grab a (discounted) drink, catch up with friends after a long day of uni or meet new people there. Our next infusion nights are: 14 november, 28 november, 12 december.

Mafia game night

Who doesn't love a good night of playing mafia? (a.k.a werewolves) On Thursday the 15th, ESN the Hague CS is hosting a mafia game night for everyone who likes to escape reality and play detective for a couple of hours whilst enjoying some drinks and snacks. Will we see you there?


On the 30th of November, we will celebrate the official opening of our brand new, amazing and cozy common room in the Beehive! Further details will be announced, but it will be good for sure.

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