The time has come for YOU to replace these absolute babes and TAKE OVER the Hague! Here, in ESN, every board meeting feels like a chat with good friends; every event is like a precious baby that we are raising together and every day in the office feels like a second home.

On a more serious note, being part of ESN The Hague, means being part of the largest student network in Europe! Erasmus Student Network was first founded in 1989 and it currently has over 20.000 members in 280 sections (mostly) around Europe. We made it our mission to help and support international students while cherishing diversity and the richness of culture. Our section was founded in 2017 and since then, we've been organizing parties, pub quizes, game nights and all sorts of events that bring students together.

We aim to make the Hague feel like home - and now it's your time to help fulfil this goal! 

As a board member, you will have the financial, logistical and moral support needed to implement your ideas and turn them into reality! The board structure is a linear, flexible one which means that no matter your position, you can get involved in all of the other committees! At the end of your term, you'll look back and realise that you have become more than your chosen position - a good friend, a supportive team member, a charismatic team-leader and a person with a diverse set of skills. 

General requirements and details:

  • be enrolled in any academic institution
  • be physically available for any meetings or activities in The Hague
  • this is a part-time job - be ready to devote a minimum of 20 hours of work per week (physical or remote)
  • a term consists of one year, starting from July 2020
  • this is unpaid, volunteer work


You like quizzes? Choose your lunch and we'll tell you which board position fits you best!



You are the King - but with great power comes great responsibility! You will be the face of ESN The Hague, the spokesperson and the first point of communication between the board and its partners. You'll also be the one to decide on the direction of ESN and make sure its implemented, while overseeing the activity of the other board members. Are you in for this challenge?

  • external Representation & Communication of ESN The Hague toward Commercial, as well as Institutional Partners 
  • develop and implement a successful growth strategy for ESN
  • drive team-spirit and ensure cooperation and task division among the board members
  • take legal responsibility for the organization and the board
  • have a general overview of the actions of the organization and adjust accordingly
  • work together with ESN NL and other ESN Sections to strengthen the Network


Vice-president & Secretary

You are still a King - but smaller. You'll be the glue that keeps the whole team together, the one that makes those cogs work perfectly in the ESN machine. ​You'll be the one that keeps everyone on the boat rowing in the same direction, towards the same goals.

  • act as a first contact point between students and the board; all communication between students and ESN is done by the secretary
  • ensure smooth cooperation and task completion within the board
  • moderate board meetings and set the agenda
  • create Newsletters and keep the public informed on the workings of ESN
  • work closely together with the President on the general direction of the organization



Ah, the one with the money. This is a crucial position on the board, since you'll be the one to make sure that we have incoming funds and that we are spending them wisely, as well as constantly collaborating with new partners.

  • create the budget proposals and executions to be presented to ESN’s institutional partners
  • constantly update the budget and track income and expenses as necessary
  • find and present new commercial partners to ESN, with support of the President
  • external communication with the Bank and financial partner institutions


Events Manager

You are the mad scientist of the team, the one with the crazy ideas. We are counting on you to brainstorm event ideas and make sure that they align with the needs of the students; you are also the one to manage volunteers and make sure that the events and activities run smoothly.

  • create and execute all large-scale ESN events
  • chair the ESN Events Committee and work closely with your own team on realizing ideas
  • keep track of all events, attendants, costs
  • manage and direct the board when setting up or preparing events
  • work together with ESN’s commercial events partners on ideas and implementations


PR Manager

You're the one that makes us look good, internally and externally. You'll make sure that we put out consistent, quality content and that our audience is engaging with us. You'll also make sure that we have more than 3 people joining our events (marketing, huh?).

  • creating all promotion for ESN according to International Guidelines
  • manage branding and events marketing
  • manage the social media channels of the organization
  • create posting schedules and generate content
  • manage the PR committee, photographers, videographers and content creators


Integration Coordinator

You'll basically be like a cute little grandma, making sure that everyone feel welcome and happy in her home. You will be the one to make sure that the Hague becomes that cozy home for international students. Partnerships, clubs or any innovative ideas, you're the one in charge of integrating students and helping them out!

  • develop a network of associations and organization that are of direct benefit to student life
  • establish and maintain social clubs involving activities that range from sports to the recreational
  • constantly innovate in finding ways for students to feel at home in (ESN) the Hague
  • develop a foundation for integrating new international students (with a particular focus on exchange students) in the Hague


Have you made up your mind? Send us an email at with your CV and a cover letter until June 15th! (make sure to put the position name in the email subject)