ESN Common Room Usage Rules

  1. Common Room event requests should be submitted at least 14 calendar days before the event itself. This is to ensure we can create a reliable Common Room schedule where all events in the Common Room are presented. All requests that do not meet this criteria will be denied automatically.

  2. Events and Clubs by ESN The Hague take priority when creating the Common Room schedule. Please check the schedule on our website ( in order to avoid denials.

  3. Event requests are processed by the “Beekeepers” (the university staff managing the building) first. Only after they have checked for compliance with the Beehive’s house rules will the event be processed by ESN The Hague. Request denials by the university staff will lead the denial of the event.

  4. Representatives of organizations with offices in the “Beehive” are directly responsible and accountable for the common room if an independent event has been granted. Representatives of organizations without facilities in the “Beehive” will be accountable and liable to the ESN The Hague Board.

  5. Building Security will be notified about all granted events and will, in case of noncompliance with the rules take actions as they see fit.

  6. Independent events which include the serving and consumption of alcohol will not be permitted. If you’d like to host an event that will include alcohol, consider co-hosting with ESN. As we are responsible and ultimately liable for the room, we will only permit the consumption of alcohol at events hosted or co-hosted by us. 

  7. Events by political entities, no matter what views, will not be permitted in the common room. As an independent organization ESN do not hold political views and will not be associated with any political entity.

  8. In the spirit of ESN, as well as most other organizations in the “Beehive”, events in the common room should be open and accessible for all students of Leiden University, The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague Hogeschool, InHolland Den Haag. Internal organizational meetings, closed events or reoccurring events, unless by us, ESN The Hague, will not be allowed.

  9. In case of damage to the room, the furniture, or persons in the room, the organization hosting the event will be liable. You (the representative) are financially as well as legally accountable. 

  10. Unless permission has been given beforehand by a representative of ESN The Hague, decorating the room, moving furniture or otherwise changing the room setup are prohibited. Please ask beforehand.

  11. Before events, the state of the common room will be evaluated by one of our board or committee members and damages as well as previous defilements will be noted. Check-ups shall also be conducted at the end of each event,  checking for damages and defilement to the room. In case of irregularities, Article 9 will be introduced.

  12. Under no circumstances, unless with explicit consent of an ESN The Hague board member, is the storage room, located at the end of the common room to be accessed.


What Student Organization/ Association is making the request?
If your organization has subcommittees, please indicate yours.
What is your email?
What date would you like to make the booking for?
What time would you like to make the booking for?
Till when does the event go?
Please indicate what type of event it will be.
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How many people are you expecting?
Do you wish to collaborate with ESN The Hague? Due to legal reasons and an explicit agreement with the management, events including alcohol have to be hosted by us. This means, if you'd like to have alcohol at your event, please think about collaborating with ESN. By selecting "No", you're agreeing to our no-alcohol policy and can be held accountable if violated.
Please indicate if, and what items you need that we might be able to provide. (e.g. speakers, AUX cable, HDMI cable)